Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mario Birthday Party!!!

My son loves Mario Bros, as many boys do. He wanted a Super Mario Birthday party. I started looking on line, I found some birthday supplies, but they were very expensive. So I went to work. Using the large cricut machine I made green gift bags and Bowers castle using the "Once Upon a Princess" cartridge. The castle was made out of several shades of black and gray. I did not put the tops of the castle on, I wanted it to look a little on the rough side. I got on line and was able to print off Mario charters. My son wanted Yoshi on the bags, which worked great with the green! I printed off Princess Peach, Bowers and Mario riding Yoshi for the castle and Mario jumping and red mushroom for the invites.

The invites I cut 12x12 blue paper into 6x12 and folded them into thirds. I used different prints of paper to create the background, cutting them in sizes of 3x3 , 2x3, 1x3 inches and rounding the tops. The money bar he is jumping into it 1x3 inches with lines and dots to create the look. His invite reads:

Your invited to a "Super"

Birthday party!!!

Put your game face on,

NAME is turning 7!

We are going to slip and slide

into a good time, so bring your swim

gear, sun screen and towel!


game time:

Location: NAME's game stop


I decided not to make a cake, but cupcakes that look like the different mushrooms. I made white cake and frosting and colored them red, blue and yellow. I could not find a bright green cupcake holder, so we did not do green. I found white M&M's and used those for the dots of the mushrooms. I found a Mario pez type dispenser at Toy's R Us, the top came off which is the toy car you see on top of the cupcake!

I had a great time creating all this for my son, and he loved it! I hope it is helpful to another mom! Enjoy!!

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