Sunday, September 26, 2010

Princess Luncheon Birthday Party!

What little girl does not want a princess party at some point in her sweet life? Of course my 5 year old did! We invited 5 friends from pre-school and asked them to come dresses in their most beautiful princess clothes. I let my daughter decide on the menu, not what I what have selected, but exactly what my princess wanted! Corn dogs, grapes and gold fish and princess punch(apple/cranberry concentrate, a liter of diet 7-up and a few scoops of vanilla ice cream)! We added some carrots, strawberries and Cesar salad for any of the Queen mommy's who decided to hang out and help!

I again used the cricut machine and the cartridge,"Once Upon a Princess." This time I made the castle as pink as possible! The two center towers of each I made with sparky card stock, the smaller towers I used as close to the same color of card stock with out glitters. For the rest I used a light pink with a marble pattern card stock. I used that same cartridge to make the crowns. The birthday princess had a sparkle in her crown, the other girls I used the marble swirl card stock again. I place a crown at each seat, and nestled in was a name tag, so each girl knew were to sit. I did this to avoid everyone wanting racing to sit next to the birthday girl.

I am not sure which cartridge the unicorn came from, I cut that out several months ago for a project and ended up using it for, "Pin the bow on the Unicorn" game. I bought a large piece of white heavy paper (usually used for school projects) and let my birthday girl and sister color the back ground how she wanted. They made a field with flowers, it was perfect! We blind folded the girls, only two of the six girls even found the board! Most the bows landed on the wall!

For the cupcakes I again made white cake and frosting, using red food coloring, I made them a beautiful shade of princess pink! Grandma had bought the cute princess cupcake wrappers, so we used those and put them in a cupcake tree. Instead of putting a cupcake on top, I put prince charming!!! I had bought this cute prince frog from Partylite last year that is normally in the kids bathroom, when we decided on a princess party I knew he had to be a part of the party! I used a little duck tape to make sure he did not go any where, he fit perfect!!! I think it turned out adorable! It was a wonderful Princess Luncheon!


  1. wow little ms. ryanne's party looks grande! you are such a super mama! I just don't like our babies growing up!

  2. How cute Princess Luncheon Birthday Party!! I really loved reading through this post. All the arrangements are heart throbbing. At some domestic event space San Francisco we also threw a fairy themed bash for niece and it also had pink color scheme. The planner did wonderful job for her special birthday bash.